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"Great Music... Tops Clasz"                                                                                                                       “If this is the future, I want in!”

-- Nick Launay, Producer (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Empire of the Sun)                               – Shaky Kane (Image Comics, Bulletproof Coffin)


“Tromultra! Tromultra!” 

-- Lloyd Kaufman, Troma Entertainment
































Hailing from Sydney Australia, Manek Deboto & Nuke Pukem have joined forces

to create DEDDERZ, part Bubblegum, part Dinosaur, totally Cyber Rad !!


After working with his band Dead Inside The Chrysalis, Manek has branched out

& evolved into his new alter ego Vid Vicious 2.0 and Nuke with Nancy X

to become DEDDERZ…


After releasing a number of albums, the pair have gone on to have resident DJ spots

around Sydney, playing live shows, writing music for the infamous Loyd Kaufman

of TROMA movies for his latest film, then getting the attention of legendary

producer Nick Launay for using their tracks in the new film Plush,

directed by Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke. 


They are currently in negotiations to release a comic with underground cult comic

artist Shaky Kane, who has paid homage to both Manek & Nuke in his previous comics. 


“It is hard to really describe what DEDDERZ is about” states creator Manek Deboto…

Manek & Nuke have set about creating Dedderz as a new world – a new reality –

Apart from the obvious music releases, Dedderz has managed to create an amazing

online world to accommodate their growing fan base that follows their every move

on their site as well as Facebook and their tweets.


Whether it’s music or fashion or great graphic stories, Dedderz is a bold & challenging

look at the future they bring for the ever growing demand for originality and escapism

in this ever changing world !


Check out Dedderz amazing body of work at the following links :


The Story of Dedderz (EPK) -


Dedderz on NME – 


Dedderz Website -


Dedderz Blog –


Dedderz on Facebook -


Listen to Dedderz Songs -   Dedderz Music


Dedderz Bio (Download PDF Format) -    Dedderz Bio






















"I Like Your Style" -- Thomas Bangalter, Daft Punk


"The Post-Apocalyptic Duran Duran" -- Sydney Morning Herald


"World Class" -- Drum Media

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