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"Great Music... Tops Clasz"                                                                                                                       “If this is the future, I want in!”

-- Nick Launay, Producer (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Empire of the Sun)                               – Shaky Kane (Image Comics, Bulletproof Coffin)


“Tromultra! Tromultra!” 

-- Lloyd Kaufman, Troma Entertainment
































They Came From Beyond to Party Like It was the Year 2099...


Dedderz are an Australia-based electronic-rock duo, consisting of performers, MANEK DEBOTO & NUKE PUKE 'EM, Transmitting dream-wired cyborg-pop & their own brand of dreadwave-laced futuristic-thrillers from a freaky trans-dimensional home entertainment system, fighting against the drone of bad static that’s filling the airways.


Their music has featured in cult movies & been released on high-profile film soundtracks including Troma’s RETURN TO NUKE ‘EM HIGH Vol. 2, directed by Lloyd Kaufman, & Catherine Hardwicke’s rock-thriller, PLUSH, with legendary music producer, Nick Launay (Empire of the Sun, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, PIL)


Dedderz characters Vid Vicious 2.0 & Nancy-X have featured in comic books drawn by industry legends, SHAKY KANE (Image Comics, 2000AD) & STEVE PUGH (Marvel, DC, Harley Quinn)


Their first incarnation as Dedderz: Masterz of Dreadwave (MOD), sees the duo teaming up with a plethora of talented synthwave producers from around the globe to collaborate on their ‘next level’ series of releases, including GosT (Blood Music), Cluster Buster, VHS Dreams (Future 80’s Records), Python Blue, Ron Cannon, KickPuncher (NewRetroWave), Irving Force, Batch Sound & more, along with visual artists, Rolly Rocket, Chris Faccone, and Blood & Chrome.


Their sophomore album, 'The Next Mutation', which features the theme song from Troma Entertainment’s latest release, Return to Nuke’Em High Vol 2 continues with  their vision, growing an even bigger production team, such as Hollywood Burns (Blood Music), Battlejuice, Python Blue, Irving Force, Neoslave, Microchip Terror, Cluster Buster, Citizen Clone, and cover art by Ben G. Adams (Regular Show, Disney, Cartoon Network). 

With all this talk of the future and the past, there’s no time like now, the present, to get into the cyborg-mutated, electro-thrash, dreadwave duo of Dedderz.


Welcome to the Slime-Drenched, Prime-Time, VideoWorld of Dedderz.


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"I Like Your Style" -- Thomas Bangalter, Daft Punk


"The Post-Apocalyptic Duran Duran" -- Sydney Morning Herald


"World Class" -- Drum Media

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